Proaim Vibration Isolator Wire Mount for Camera Gimbals

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Proaim Vibration Isolator Wire Mount for Camera Gimbals

Proaim Anti-vibration Wire Isolator is designed to handle large gimbal systems like the DJI Ronin or MōVI. This unique Vibration Isolator helps remove vibration from camera gimbals and delivers smooth tracking movement mounted on any vehicle. The Isolator system absorbs jerky movements of the vehicle by utilizing strategically configured wire cables to support the gimbal and allow it to absorb inertial movements. This system is capable of levelling down outcome of vehicle moving on uneven road or rough terrains. The thickness of the wire cable is 5/16″.


For Camera Gimbal



The Isolator’s wide absorption range removes high frequency vibrations, while dampening low frequency oscillations. High frequency vibrations can be caused by motors, rotor blades, propellers, and anything that has fast moving parts. These can typically cause rolling shutter or ‘jello’ issues in the video. Lower frequency vibrations can be caused by a vehicle driving off-road, or quick changes in direction. These movements can cause gimbal motors to ‘slip’ and throw off the stabilization. Also, if the camera is hard-mounted to the vehicle, any jerky moment will create huge amounts of stress on the gimbal bearings which cause permanent damage. The Vibration Isolator allows the gimbal to shift around and therefore reduces stress.


For DJI Ronin, M & MX

Wire modules can be customized for lighter camera setups


The Vibration Isolator is flexible to hold multiple payloads ranging in weight. This is achieved by removing the cable from module while using with lightweight gear.


Flycam Quick Mount for DJI Ronin

Flycam Quick Release Plate Adapter allows you to mount DJI Ronin/M/MX Gimbals conveniently and quickly on Vibration Isolator. Commercial-grade aluminum constructed robust & simple design with Quick Lock Mechanism tightens the camera base plate resulting secure Gimbal Camera Setup. It is also compatible with standard grip-related cheese plates.


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