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The Edelkrone JibONE 043 Sony Bundle includes JibONE Camera Jib, HeadPLUS Pan and Tilt Head, and 2x Sony NP-F Battery Bracket


You will drastically improve the quality of your shots with JibONE, the app-controlled VERY SMART jib that fits in edelkrone backpack.

You can set JibONE vertically to achieve amazing incline shots, horizontally to get slider-like shots or diagonally at every 22.5 degrees to mix both axes. (Pan and Tilt axes of JibONE are coupled.) JibONE gives 50 cm motion in any direction when fully extended and the motion can be looped for interview shots.

Having a motorised head on JibONE enables you to automate and easily program panning and tilting while your camera is moving. This opens the door to amazing parallax shots, time-lapses and many more creative camera motions. The devices pair instantly in the background while using the same App to control all devices together.

Any combination will be detected automatically and paired seamlessly to work together.

HeadPLUS Pan and Tilt Head

Upgrade your shots with smooth, precise motion using the HeadPLUS Pan and Tilt Head from edelkrone. The sturdy aluminium and steel head supports a maximum equipment load of 10 lb. It can be mounted onto a tripod with a 3/8″-16 screw or used with the SliderPLUS with Slide Module for smooth, pan-and-tilt sliding shots.

Automatic Target Tracking – HeadPLUS can learn 3 different targets, can keep any of them in the frame and focus on them even when it’s moving on edelkrone sliders and dollies. With this automatic feature, you can achieve elegant parallax shots without spending any time programming the system.

Live Target Switching – You can make a smooth transition between any of the 3 preset targets by just selecting any of them. During each transition, HeadPLUS elegantly frames the new target, focuses on it and keeps it in the frame & focus as the camera moves.

Instant Target Learning – If you add Laser Module to HeadPLUS, you can teach the position of any stationary target to the system instantly. Just aim on the target and press OK. The camera will instantly frame and focus on the target.

Can be hand-controlled – You can manually adjust the pan and tilt angle of the HeadPLUS. This way, instead of using a remote control, you can, in fact, program your camera motions with your hands. This gives an unprecedented speed to your workflow, and makes the whole process much more intuitive.

Fits in a camera bag – Despite its unprecedented features, HeadPLUS (with all of its accessories) fits in a regular size camera bag. With its unique unfolding body design, HeadPLUS can be straightened so that it fits your bag much more efficiently.

Sony NP-F Battery Bracket

This battery bracket can accomodate 2x NP-F type batteries in parallel.

  • 1x JibONE
  • 1x HeadPLUS
  • 2x Sony NP-F Battery Bracket


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