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Bebob batteries are designed strong, reliable, and versatile. The Bebob V98MICRO 14.4V, 98Wh V-Mount Li-Ion Battery is built to withstand falls from 4.9′, yet, if it cracks for some other reason, any mechanical component is replaceable by Bebob thanks to the modular design. Similarly, when the battery capacity weakens after years of use, the batteries can be re-celled at a discount by Bebob. To help decide when to re-cell, a status alarm is built into the battery that triggers a yellow LED indicator when the capacity drops below 80% over time and a red LED when below 60%. While this battery packs the punch to be used in standard applications, its compact, “micro” form factor also makes it suitable for use with gimbals and other applications requiring smaller size and weight.

Another flexible aspect of the battery is the twist D-Tap. Normally you’re limited to connecting a D-Tap cable only one way, the way it fits. But the V98MICRO’s twist D-Tap features three pins, a positive ground pin in the center, and a negative one on each side of the positive. You can plug in your cable one way or flip it around and connect it the other way. The V98MICRO also provides a USB port for charging your mobile devices on location.

The V98MICRO features lithium-ion trimix cells made in Japan and offers a max draw of 10A and a capacity of 98Wh. It has a 5-step LED fuel gauge and is compatible with Bebob, IDX, and Sony chargers. Charging time is approximately 2 hours when using Bebob VS2/VS4 chargers.

Key Features

  • 10A draw
  • 5-step LED fuel gauge
  • Withstands falls from up to 4.9′
  • Modular design allows any mechanical component to be replaced
  • Can be re-celled at a discount when capacity weakens after years of use (capacity status alarm LEDs built-in)
  • Twist D-Tap (allows inserting cable from either side)
  • USB port
  • Compatible with Bebob, IDX, and Sony chargers


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